• Named after the rainbow goddess
  • Not every Iris is medicinal
  • Root loses its acrid taste upon drying
  • Root smells of violets & used as flavouring
  • Juice of the root used as a cure for dropsy
  • Juice of the root also used as a cosmetic
  • Fresh root used as cathartic and emetic


  • Looses healing virtues after about a month
  • Bitter when fresh
  • Skin different from inner juice
  • Purgative, cosmetic, cooling
  • Preserved by the sun for long periods
  • Induces piles with over consumption
  • Protects from malign influence


  • Emollient & Demulcent
  • Refrigerant, Deobstruent
  • European equivalent of Aloe Vera
  • Seeds are most cooling and feed birds
  • Calms inflammation, both inside and out
  • Used for any and every inflammatory disease
  • Very mucilaginous in fresh state
  • Both male and female plant share the same virtues
  • Stops bleeding when heat damages the SP/LU
  • All parts are medicinal, even the root
A file photo dated 31 August 2010 shows a worker tending to cannabis plants at a growing facility for the Tikun Olam company near the northern Israeli town of Safed, Israel. Reports on 07 November 2012 state that Colorado and Washington became the first US states to legalize cannabis for recreational use, while medical marijuana initiatives were on the ballot in Massachusetts, Montana and Arkansas


– sedative, pain-reliever
– intoxicant and depletes liver humors (blood, yellow bile, black bile, phlegm)
– indicated more or less for any nerveous system complaints
– blossom tops are used to cure gonorrhea
– seeds lubricate the instestines when constipated due to heat and dryness



  • annual
  • sheds many seeds
  • tastes like cucumber
  • Cools and tonifies an inflamed spleen giving rise to heat in the lungs
  • demulcent, emollient
  • Flowers are decorative
  • can also be used as a poultice externally for inflammatory like symptoms


  • in the rosaceae family
  • cardiac tonic
  • any kind of heart troubles
  • hard to find
  • regulates the SI
  • of all trees, hawthorn burns the hottest

Pot Marigold

  • flowers close upon the arrival of rain
  • Very much esteemed in cooking and medicine
  • As a local remedy it is stimulant and diaphoretic
  • Heals internal supporation and promotes discharge of puss
  • Stimulates the bowels to cure constipation
  • Used to banish small pox
  • Cosmetic

Honeysuckle Flowers

Honeysuckle flowers really are amazing, why do you ask? There are many reasons why everybody should grow these amazing flowers that’s actually a vine preferring moist damp soil and plenty of light.

Like forsythia: honeysuckle flowers kill infections and detoxify the blood of pathogens. It is indicated and prescribed for any and all infections due to its amazing life enhancing action. It is not like any other antibiotic for it is sweet and not bitter. That is what makes this plant so amazing.

For people who cannot tolerate a bitter taste due to its coldness and inability to warm by the spleen, it is the best. Also for children and elderly because sweet tasting things tonify life.. yet its an antibiotic. This is a perfect example of how anything is possible and every desired action of a plant is out there either waiting to be discovered or already exists.

Think about it, how many other plants share honeysuckles ability to act as an antibiotic yet clearly be a probiotic at the same time. Absolutely mind boggling for the scientific mind. Yet here we are, thousands of years later, still using the same plant to detoxify blood successfully without exposing ourselves to bitter substances that are cold, dry, and sometimes even hot as ice.

You may not taste the pill your swallowing, but understand that if its too bitter for you to bear, it is damaging to your spleen and pancreas. Lets not fool ourselves with thinking our health will improve upon swallowing every prescribed pill. Not knowing the taste of what were digesting is just not the way to go.

Don’t be a trickster, be honest with your taste buds. Surprising the stomach with any taste is just plain mean, and a disgrace to life.

Echinacea + Elecampane = Sisters

Sister of echinacea, Elecampane is tall and robust once the root thrives in its favourable condition.

Pictured here is a look down into center of a new segment of the stalk. the base of the plant is far away in the picture. It will bloom any day now. Harbouring optimism and pleasant faces.

Of course, why wouldn’t you run into people who are more happy when eating its root in the medicinal quantity proves to be a great probiotic.

Having an effect on the digestive system affected it is due to the function of the lungs and her affiliation with the skin. Both the lungs and the skin filter moisture, and air, and are the first line of our defense… plus the tube inside your body collectively known as the digestive tract. Sure it has sphincters, but its still outside of your body.


So eating plants which are rich in oxygen gives you life

cancer killing recipe

Yes, this what I’m doing. I Am oxygenating. It means, that I’m supplying, treating or enriching my body with oxygen.
Because energy is life.
And the production of energy in the body depends upon oxygen.
Oxygen eliminates metabolic wast from the body.
Shortly, without oxygen there is no life. Biological death begins within three minuets…😦 .
And all the nasty viruses, parasites, fungus and bacteria can’t survive in high concentration of oxygen.
So to be alive and healthy we have to oxygenate the blood.
Well, but HOW?
I did some research and I found some very interesting information about Himalayan Salt and Baking Soda:
… If you combine 1/2 teaspoon of Baking Soda and and 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan Salt in 1/2 glass of good water you will have a glass of water full of minerals, oxygen, hydrogen for the cells, and which can balance the Ph levels…

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A fellow gardener recently posted a picture of a tomato plant bearing plentiful fruit. Which made me remember that over consumption of any plant in the family solanaceae leeches calcium from the bones. Since bones relate to the kidneys I stumbled upon how Sweet Wormwood cures Nepropathy.


Thujone is said to be found in many plants like the Cedar, Tansy, and of course Sweet Wormwood. So bitter yet has a strong effect on cancer and is used as a tonifying substance? No, more like other chemical constituents which are found in these plants are tonifying but thujone being one of the hundreds of phytochemicals found in these plants and made in a lab alone fails to be beneficial for the pharmaceutical companies.


Sweet Woodruff is a stomachic and has the exact same fragrance as the white and yellow Melilot that seem to be bountiful in patches here in Alberta along prairie highways and range roads. Some acreages or estates that chose not to mow their lawn also are gifted with this medicinal plant.

As with all clovers, horses love Melilot and deer, the wild game producers, that roam free in forests and mountain coves eat it too for it stands out in the winter because of its height.

The herb being collected and carefully dried, stems removed, and viola, there is lots of sweet fragrant melilot used medicinally for its bitter, pungent, and carminative properties.

Like woodruff, melilot is a stomachic and soothing to the digestive system. It cureth the eyesight and therefore has an effect on the Liver but also the kidneys in a draining fashion for its bitter. The pungency is somewhat aromatic and way more potent than woodruff.

Bees like it too, and there is no surprise due to its tonic, stomach enhancing powers. Its popularity crosses all species and once it was sold in European markets. Its pleasantness is that of lavender and used as a substitute.

The ancient white people also added melilot tops to cheeses and their recipes might be found via the internet.

It is dried and collected like broom tops and its juice, raw and unpasteurised, in its fresh state cures eye disorders. Have fun dripping it in your eye. I suggest filtering it through thousands of layers of cheesecloth.

Larkspur aka Delphinium Seeds

The seeds are so bountiful when the Delphinium plant establishes itself after 3-5 years after planting. Ironically enough the seeds are the most useful in mental disorders such as addiction, depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, and PTSD.

The plant itself was deemed useless long ago when experimentation on the central nervous system, particularly the brain. The truth is there are many plants deemed effective in curing the spiritual and mental self.

Schizophrenia, chronic depression, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and addiction are all curable disorders that may actually be the cause of outside forces that we cannot see, touch, smell, etc., but know by other senses.

Possession is real, and curing it in western countries has changed from traditional soul enhancement by incense and fire, to questionable fabricated substances some quote as diminishing the power of glandular fxn; the pituitary and anti-pituitary respectfully.

Conspiracy theories are perhaps a subject touched on by other authors or blog inspired writers such as…